Our Programs

Reading Program: for children and adults

This program is designed  for anyone over 8 years old who struggles with reading, (hand-) writing, letter confusion, spelling, comprehension, focus, co-ordination (dyspraxia) and auditory challenges. This program is typically 30 hours in duration but is dependant on the needs of the individual 

Maths Program : for children and adults

For many children maths presents a very real challenge. Own hands on approach to Maths provides a step by step approach to Maths. the areas covered include: reading numerals, counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, place value and fractions, word problems, telling the time, using a calendar, sequencing and logic. This program is a very comprehensive program and follows their needs of the individual. In general this will take up to 40 hours.

Attention Program: for adults and children

 For those children and adults who struggle with focus, difficulties staying on task, sitting still, listening, maintaining positive relationships, tendency to excessive daydreaming (zoning out), impulsivity, behavioural challenges and difficulty with organising self and 'order'. This drug free approach helps those with ADD / ADHD to control their energy levels, focus and listen (and make sense and follow) instructions. It effectively addresses behavioural patterns which are negatively affecting their lives and relationships and literacy.

It teaches life long skills 

Young learners age 5-8

This is an enhancement programme for children aged 5-8years of age that would benefit from gaining skills in regards to reading, writing and learning how to focus. This is not a dyslexia correction programme but will give the child lifelong skills to make learning more successful and develop reading fluency and comprehension. This intervention is a clay based method , which the parent and Anne Marie work together to prevent  the onset of confusion around symbols of literacy which may lead to Dyslexia later. Due to this format this intervention does not usually follow the week long model of the other programs.



This made a big difference to my life. I went back to college to study art before the program i was lacking in confidence so didn't have the courage to go to college. I enjoy reading now, and I remember what I have read. My focus has improved, and I don't suffer from my headaches,any more 

Cathy 26

He has flourished since he started the young learners program. He was shy and quiet in school. he didn't enjoy school and was finding work difficult. he is now a confident child who can read and is intact 1 year ahead of the class in his reading ability.

parent of 6 yr old.

She is like a different child the reading program has turned her into a confident young lady who enjoys reading and is confident in her abilities in all subjects inc school. 

mother 12 yr old girl.

Maths Classes

I have found over the years that from time to time many children require help in the area of Maths. Many of these do not have a maths difficulty as such but just need a better foundation in order to flourish in the area of Maths. So on friday afternoons we have a maths club for children who are in sixth class to give them a good foundation for secondary school.

There is a further Maths class commencing for children between the ages of 8 and 10 who also require a little extra help.

Individual Maths tuition is also available for children and adults.

Inspired by the wonderful poetry of the children who wrote poems for the December poetry competition I am also starting a monthly ENGLISH LITERATURE CLUB. Keep an eye out for details