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Why are we Different?


We know  from experience that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. We all remember the teacher who was inspirational that motivated us to strive for greater heights. However sometimes even great teachers come across children that just seem to not thrive despite their best efforts. unfortunately these children are deemed to have special needs !  This is not seen as a positive by either the children or their peers

Dare to be Different


What is dare to be different about.?

Well the word DARE implies a challenge! Kids often dare each other to do things which are sometimes scary and sometimes outside their comfort zone.

My dare to you all is called the paragraph challenge!  

Every month I am publishing a different challenge. In December the challenge was for children to write a poem based on the month if December.

January I have two challenges one for adults and one for Children. For children I am asking them to write a short story inspired by Spring. For adults I am asking them to write a poem based on Spring.

Breaking down the wall


My commitment to my students is to equip them whether they are adults, or children with solutions that can help them   embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. 

I encourage creativity, discussion,critical thunking, understanding, mastery. What is mastery? and what are students mastering  They are mastering language: words, phrases,sentences paragraphs and ultimately books. 

Mark Twain famously said courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear not absence of fear.

So feel the fear but do it anyway 


What my Clients say


He has flourished since he started the young learners program. He was shy and quiet in school. he didn't enjoy school and was finding work difficult. he is now a confident child who can read and is intact 1 year ahead of the class in his reading ability.

parent of 6 yr old.

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