School lunches

Not all yogurts are created equal


Children love yogurts and petite filous etc. however many of these have a lot of hidden sugars. Its very easy and cheap to make you own. Use natural yogurts and stir pureed berries through it. then place in little pots 

We eat with our eyes


2 Kids love bright colours. 

Sliced peppers, cherry tomatoes,

baby cucumber or sliced cucumber with the centre removed.

grapes, pineapples,

celery sticks

dried fruits, strawberries,

banana or dried banana chips

mango, oranges cut into quarters leave the skin on its easier to eat. Small apples that are not too hard. the list of fruit and veg is immense so experiment

Healthy carbs and Proteins


You don,t have to stick with boring sandwiches. allow children to choose from this selection.




brown bread

homemade soda bread.


Turkey, Ham, cheese such as babble or any hard cheer cut into cubes or soft cheese in a little tub, pasta salad

Dips and Dressings


Avocado dressing can be made in 2 mins. mash avocado add some greek yogurt and a squeeze of lime. 

Greek yogurt with peanut butter.

Pesto dip can be made with cottage and pesto.

Hummus can be bought or made .

Mayonnaise also another topping to make sambas more interesting 

Healthy treats



School lunches don't have to be a choice between healthy and unhealthy.

Homemade banana muffins or bread

Carrot cake of carrot cake muffins

Small pots of stewed apple

apple oat cakes , homemade breakfast bars(commercial ones  are  loaded with sugar)

Assemble the lunch


To assemble lunches get items from all 5 categories, plus a selection of small containers (ikea,have a huge selection)

get the kids involved chopping the 

veg, fruit, cheese  and proteins, also making the yogurt and dressing.

I recommend buying a large tub of natural yogurt from Lidl its approx .a euro. mash some berries and divide into small containers. You can make enough for a week in keep the containers in the fridge. Its a cheap and healthy solution.

If children like sandwiches the wraps or pittas can be filled with a protein some salad and veg of their choice. For those not interested in sambos give them some yogurt some veg chopped up in a tub some cheese or meat maybe a dip and a treat. Lunches don't have to be boring 

more lunch ideas. check back in the coming days