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Decembers Competitions


In December we ran a Poetry writing competition for children .We received many wonderful poems. We had three amazing winners

Holly's Poem

 Holly McGrath Age 7
Christmas is a time of year That everyone gets together to cheer
Snowflakes fall and so does snowAnd everyone has a special glow
Children are preparing milk and cookies Wrapped up tight and ready to go to bed at night
When everyone is asleep  and no one makes a single peep
Santa comes and leaves a special treat for all the girls and boys in our street.

Lexie's Poem

 December in ireland might have snow
Some children here have nowhere to go
They sleep on the streets very wet and cold
There is people there until they go old

In winter the leaves fall on the ground
I have a dog she is a hound
I keep her inside where its cosy
When I run in the cold my cheeks go rosy
December in ireland is where I will be
With my family

Thinking of the children on the streets
Hopefully santa leave them treats
Lexie curran age almost 8 kildare 

Leela's Poem: December Solstice

 Birds huddled in cloaks of shining black are flying against an icy sky from which drops of water are falling into frozen puddles on the face of the Slumbering Earth. The brightest star is shining down on winter’s children wrapped up and waiting for snow to fall and be melted when the sun is born again. Hope in the hearts of the young and old, for soon the sleeping Earth will wake, the sun will be reborn and the new year will begin. The Solstice, it is coming To us all By Leela Kingsnorth Aged 11 East Galway, December 2019 

Short story competition

New Competition for January and February. We are inviting all children to write a story with a link

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